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Nine Ways to Keep your Love Alive!

Taking time to admire the bond component of your partnership will strengthen your relationship. Try some of these nine, and share your results with me:

  1. Stare into each others' eyes. Spend time being connected through your eyes only, without the need to exchange words. While this may seem a bit awkward at first, after a few minutes, you'll begin to fall into the experience, and you may start to experience some surprisingly charming feelings.

  2. Converse the expression of love to each other. Last but not least is the way lovers talk, the passionate talk. It needs to be straightforward, faithful, and full of sense from the heart.

  3. Identify the person can help deepen affection. In most relationships, one partner places a higher value than the other on romance—and it's not always the woman. Considering this person is more likely to notice when the romance is fading, they have more power to introduce corrections to foster more closeness and playfulness. They are not solely accountable for keeping an eye on things. Still, because of their awareness, they are more capable of influencing the depth of your connection.

  4. Keep attending to each other. Engagements aren't exclusively for young lovers; they can be magic for couples who have been together for a while. Leaving home gives a shift of scenery and enlivens things for both partners. But staying home for a date can be fun, too. Consider making dates a regular feature of your relationship. They don't have to be limited to a few hours on an occasional evening; they can last an entire day, weekend, or longer.

  5. Go on a second (or third) honeymoon. Honeymoons (without the kids, of course) aren't just for the newly married. Taking one every year is not too much. Lots of people (including ourselves) make a tradition of this practice.

  6. Disconnect. Assign what we refer to as "pure time" and create a tech-free zone that will assure you that there will be no interruptions to intimacy. Then, enjoy.

  7. Obey each other. Take turns being in service to each other. You can listen to each other and permit each other's wishes can come forward.

  8. Dance in private. If you'd prefer privacy, try dancing with your partner in your own living room or bedroom.

  9. Read rhyme together. Reading passion poetry to each other brings sweetness. If you enjoy the exotic, consider poetry from Rumi, Hafiz, or Kabir.

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